Learning from OID

ImageWe’re not just graduate students and alumni: OID members are life-long learners. As the new Organization of International Development board continues to analyze the data from the survey last week, we are excited that so many of you participated to make your voices heard. Participatory development isn’t just something to talk about in the classroom–you made it happen in real life!

The board is excited that we will be able to offer some great events this year. We heard you load and clear: you want more career and professional events (along with the social events we are already so good at) to complement your studies. Keep your eye on this blog, as well as our calendar, as we will be working hard to add relevant events there. We’re also going to start a twitter account. Don’t worry–facebook will still be a way to stay updated, as well as email, but we want to make it as easy as possible for you to stay up-to-date about what’s going on in and around DC and in development. 

Coming next week: an interview with second year Carolyn Smalkowski, featured in the photo above, on her experiences in the field as a part of her Capstone project.