Event Recap: Nairobi Half Life and OID Kudos

Before we get to the event recap, OID would like to recognize two outstanding second year IDS students: Allison DeMaio and Shilpa Modi (found here and here) for their recent professional endeavors.

Shilpa Modi presented at the American Evaluation Association conference. She presented her work on, “The Social Marketing Evidence Base: A Web-Based Resource on Social Marketing Effectiveness in Global Health.” Her abstract is below:

“Population Services International (PSI) is one of the largest social marketing agencies in the world but is challenged to demonstrate the effectiveness of its strategies for achieving health improvements in low- and middle-income countries. In response, PSI created the Social Marketing Evidence Base (SMEB), a web-based database of systematically reviewed literature on the effectiveness of social marketing in HIV/STIs, tuberculosis, reproductive health, malaria, and child survival. Eligible studies, identified via systematic review, were assessed using Social Marketing Benchmark Criteria from the National Social Marketing Centre and a six-point Strength of Evidence framework adapted from the Cochrane Handbook. The SMEB rates the effectiveness of social marketing interventions by the strength of evaluation evidence and highlights key areas where further evaluation is needed. As a publicly available database, it is a resource for implementers, donors, and policymakers seeking to understand the effectiveness of social marketing for achieving health promotion and behavior change.”

Allison DeMaio participated in the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) “Youth Dialogue: Innovation in Job Creation From and For the Youth” on Wednesday at Lisner Auditorium. The panel examined strategies for alleviating youth unemployment in different areas of the world. In her remarks, she said: “One thing that makes me most optimistic is the passion we have as youth. We think we’re invincible and that we can do anything—and if we apply that passion, we really can.”

Keep up the good work! Thanks for showing DC and the world your intelligence and expertise. If you, or someone you know, is an active member of OID and you’d like to recommend them for an interview or accolades, email us at oid@gwu.edu.


A scene from “Nairobi Half Life”

The even this last Thursday on the film “Nairobi Half Life” had a great turnout–thanks to everyone who came, particularly those who stayed afterwards for the robust discussion on the film and some of the development issues it presented.  Special thank you to OID President Alejandro Guzman for his opening remarks on his own experiences in Kenya this summer. I think everyone agrees that “it’s a choice to look or look away” and being a development professional is all about looking at things most would rather not see.

If you missed the film and want to see it–come to more OID events! Sadly this film is not on Netflix or RedBox, and even if it were you’d miss out on the post-film analysis with development professionals!