Past Capstone Projects & Reports


2005 2006 2007 2008



Homestead Food Production in Barisal, Bangladesh
Cynthia Berning, Bradley Correa, Krystal Sirman, and Fernanda Sosa
Client: Helen Keller International
Culture and Cervical Cancer: Reaching the Mothers, Daughters, and Wives of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Meghan Cagley, Christean Cole, Bonnie Robinson, and Ann Vaughan
Client: Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
Open Streams or Pipe Dreams? Financing Water and Sanitation in Watershed Development
Hanh Thuan Do, Jessica Doll, Joseph Foti, and Erlinda Ibay
Client: Global Water Challenge
Women’s Income and Health Outcomes in Mozambique: Evaluating the Women First Program
Bethany Brown, Erin Dodson, Cosmin Florescu, and Ailea Sneller
Client: World Vision
Promoting Safe Motherhood in Tanzania
LaZann Allen, Michelle Kayaleh, Shannon Pryor, and Katie Zoerhoff
Client: White Ribbon Alliance
Looking Forward: Transitions, Challenges and Policy Recommendations for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Northern Uganda
Katherine Begley, Brandon Leonard, Margarita Puerto, and Jessica Woods
Client: Africare
Surveying the Socioeconomic Status of Microfinance Clients Using the WHEEL Assessment Tool
John Klinger, Sivan Yosef, and Timothy Stein
Client: FINCA International


A Socioeconomic Assessment of the Island of Guanaja, Honduras
Katie Cleland, Ravi Nayak, Karl Fallstrom, and Sean Lothrop
Client: Counterpart International
Addressing the Link Between Food Aid and HIV/AIDS Through International Collaboration in Kenya and Uganda
Samantha Keith, Nida Parks, Brian Pascual, and Sonia Sheikh
Client: The World Food Programme
Assessment of the Community Health Club Approach in Sierra Leone
Luis Azurduy, Meredith Stakem, and Lisa Wright
Client: CARE International
Assessment of Sexual and Gender Based Violence Programming in Tanzania
Lisa Highland, Brandi Walker, and Katherine Stalter
Client: United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR)
Policy Implementation Gaps in Bolivian Birth Registration
Michael Foley, Kate Francis, Abigail Johnson, and Emily Schmidt
Client: Plan International
Combating Child Labor through Education in Kolkata, India
Seo Hee Chang, Scott Gruber, and Scott Van Alstine
Client: Child In Need Institute
Countering Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Liberia
Asal Esfahani, So Rie Lee, Nicole Mechem, and Alanna Van Antwerp
Client: Christian Children’s Fund (CCF)
Feasibility Study of Biofuel Production in Ghana: Assessing Competitiveness and Structure of the Industry’s Value Chain
Monica Caminiti, Michelle Cassal, Maitiu OhEigeartaigh, and Yelena Zuru
Client: Technoserve
Needs, Impact Assessment & Feasibility of a Women’s Urban Agriculture Cooperative in Guadalajara, Mexico
Christine Yeonhee Kim and Lucia Santos Anaya
Client: The Growing Connection through FAO


Food Industry Development in Nicaragua
Rebecca Ray and Megan Schildgen
Client: Partnership for Food Industry Development (PFID)
Gender Based Violence Programming in Rwanda 2006
Afeefa Abdur-Rahman, Bernadette Lee, Kerry Contini, and Roy Schlieben
Client: Women’s Legal Rights Initiative Rwanda and Chemonics International
Importance of Early Childhood Development in Uganda
Amanda Cox, Benjamin Granby, Tomoko Horii, and Brian Morgan
Client: CARE and Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI)
Integration of Health and Microcredit in Nigeria
Sonya Funna, Julie Patel, and Lanre Williams
Client: Partners for Development
Local Communities and Environmental Conservation in Indonesia
Gelsey Bennett, Joey Fry, Ana Maria Gonzalez, and Sonia Zilberman
Client: The Nature Conservancy
Microfinance and Microfranchising in Kenya
Emily Bracken, Nicole Chao, Darin Phaovisaid, and Brian Slocum
Client: FINCA International


Between Forest and Farm: Identifying Appropriate Development Options for the Batwa of Southwestern Uganda
Sally Balenger, Eric Coppenger, Scott Fried, and Kalin Kanchev
Client: First Peoples Worldwide
Youth on the Streets: The Importance of Social Interactions on Psychosocial Well-Being in an African Context
Sweta Shah, Georgina Graidage, and Josephine Valencia
Client: United States Agency for International Development
Gateway to the Mayan World: An Assessment of Counterpart International’s Community Development and Sustainable Tourism Project in Chisec, Guatemala
Elizabeth Adams, Kristen Beck, Diana Picon, and Ariel Wyckoff
Client: Counterpart International
Self-Employment Loans for Youth in Nicaragua: A Feasibility Study for FINCA International
Dianna Darsney, Monika Francois, Benjamin Friedman, and Katherine Phillips-Barrasso
Client: FINCA International
Village Savings and Loans and HIV/AIDS in Rural Zimbabwe
Tara Guelig, Kevin Lemons, Cathleen Mitchell, and Jason Rotolo
Client: CARE International
Stimulating Community Participation in Primary Schools: Perspectives on the BESO II Project in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
Yodit Beyene, Amber Gaumnitz, Courtney Goike, and Teren Robbins
Client: World Learning for International Development